[Ecls-list] Ca ECL be embedded into C++?

jblazi jblazi at gmx.de
Tue Dec 10 23:16:02 UTC 2002

I am writing an application that is a C++ program using Qt and another library 
which is named CORE and offer MP arithmetics.
Could I embed ECL into my application and script my application with ECL?

Here is how I thought it should work:

(1) Start ECL and load file, containing additional Lisp functions
(2) When ECL returns, (and return it must), initialize Qt
(3) Start Qt event loop
(4) When a button is pushed, start ECL, interpret some user text
(5) Reenter the Qt loop

It is very important that the Qt event loop is running, otherwise the GUI will 
not work.

So this means that typically I have a block of text consisting of several CL 
statements that I recover from a multi-line text control and I should like to 
make ECL interpret the text as a CL program, calling C++ functions and 
interfacing to C++ data. After the text is interpreted, ECL should return 
control to the Qt event loop.

Is this possible? I saw that *extending* ECL is pretty well documented in the 
manual but there seems to be not much material on *embedding* ECL.

Janos Blazi

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