[Ecls-list] ECLS 0.4-beta on Windows, testers wanted

Jeff Bowden jlb at houseofdistraction.com
Sat Sep 8 10:41:02 UTC 2001

I just tried a build under NT4sp6 using an up-to-date cygwin 
installation and it terminated with

        gcc  -o ecls_min.exe c/cinit.o -L./ libecls.a libgc.a libgmp.a 
-lgc  -lgmp -lm
        ./ecls_min < compile.lsp
        ;*** Lisp core booted ****
        ECLS (Embeddable Common Lisp)  16384 pages

        > ;;; Loading bare.lsp
        ;;; Loading lsp/load.lsp
        make[1]: *** [ecls.exe] Error 128
        make[1]: Leaving directory `//f/local/src/ecls/build'
        make: *** [all] Error 2

I tried jump starting it with ./ecls_min<compile.lsp (which worked on 
some failed linux builds in the past) but got the same error.

Let me know if there are any additional tests you would like me to perform.

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll wrote:

>Hi lispers,
>I have been working this weekend on a port of ECLS to the Windows
>platform. The current version works with the cygwin environment,
>and it compiles on my Windows-2000 box. Could anybody here
>check this version out of the CVS and try to compile it? I just
>want to make sure everything works before posting the announcement
>below to comp.lang.lisp
>	Juanjo
>Announcement of ECLS v0.4-beta
>ECLS stands for Embeddable Common-Lisp "Spain", and I usually read it
>as "e-klos". It is a an implementation of the Common-Lisp language
>which aims to comply to the ANSI X3J13 definition of the language.
>ECLS is currently hosted at SourceForge. The home page of the project
>is http://ecls.sourceforge.net, and in it you will find source code
>releases, a CVS tree and an up to date documentation.
>Notes about ECLS 0.4-beta
>This release represents a major improvement over previous ones in
>the number of supported platforms:
>	- Debian Linux on Intel
>	- Debian Linux on PowerPC
>	- FreeBSD 4.x on Intel
>	- Cygwin on Microsoft Windows 2000
>Besides, the code has been revised and porting should now be easier.
>ECLS 0.4-beta
>* Errors fixed:
>  - Fixnum product would overflow: (* 65536 32768) => negative number.
>  - Bit fiddling operations with negative fixnums now work (i.e.
>  - When a PRINT-OBJECT method prints a circular structure which is itself
>    in another circular structure, the stack that keeps temporary data
>    may get deleted.
>  - Format clause "~<" now accepts any number of text segments.
>  - Format clause "~E" should not add spurious zeros past the decimal
>    dot. I.e. (format nil "~13,6,2,7E" 3.14159) should output "
>    3141590.E-06", not "3141590.0E-06". Similar problem happened to
>    "~F", which added a traling zero even when number of decimal
>    positions was specified as zero.
>* System design and portability:
>  - Ported to Debian Linux PPC and Cygwin.
>  - Small changes allow a static build of the executable in platforms
>    where dlopen() does not work, or ld does not allow undefined symbols
>    in libraries.
>  - Remove unportable code of the type "va_list d = cs".
>  - Simplify gathering of &rest and &key arguments in compiled code.
>  - Make the interpreter stack public, with variables and functions
>    prefixed with "cl_stack*".
>  - Remove the Invocation History Stack, and implement it as a "linked
>    list" of frame records on top of the interpreter stack. This
>    avoid previous size limitations. The debugger now works.
>  - Compile code onto the interpreter stack instead of using a stack
>    of its own.
>  - Use the interpreter stack to simplify the implementations of the
>    printer and of the formater.
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