[Ecls-list] About possible projects

worm worm at arrakis.es
Thu Nov 29 10:48:05 UTC 2001

Remitente: Alexander S A Kjeldaas <Alexander.Kjeldaas at fast.no>
> Are you planning on implementing real thread support using a pthreads
> library, a user-land threads implementation, or something else? The
> threads support that I have seen documented in the manual looks like
> user-land threads, but real thread support would be a _lot_ more
> useful I think.

I think it would be nice to first get the userland threads working and 
then move on to the different posix threads of each implementation. That 
should be the least painful path and it would provide us with a portable 
implementation of threads for environments without this type of things.

> I think the namespace issue needs to be sorted out.  I am trying to
> write a qt test program using a hacked ECL which compiles using g++,
> but there are a few name collisions between the functions in
> external.h and STL.  I have started to convert the names that collide
> for me (alloc*, list, ...).  Also, a few functions collide with
> reserved keywords in C++ (throw,...).

Once I get the few bugfixes that the 0.5 release needs, I plan to work 
on this by first renaming functions so that they all follow the cl_* 
convention and then I think we should all try to find out what should be 
the smallest set of functions that a C/C++ programmer would need. The 
most painful point to develop will be to stablish a portable, safe and 
ellegant way to create and manipulate instances.



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