[Ecls-list] Support for Mac OSX and other fixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Tue Dec 25 08:23:02 UTC 2001


I have commited some important changes which include

- Support for Mac OSX as statically linked program (no dlopen here)

- The simple allocator (the one used when --disable-boehm is passed) is now 
based on mmap() instead of in sbrk(). In the final release I will make this 

- The lisp->C compiler now produces *.data files which rely on ANSI C: in 
other words, they are made of many C string separated only by newlines. This 
is required in order to support Mac OSX --whose compiler crashes on files 
with long lines.

- I have fixed si::mkdir so that it accepts a second compulsory parameter 
which is the mode of the created directory. ensure-directories-exist is still 
being developed.

BTW, --enable-cxx still fails under cygwin. Could somebody please find the 
header in which _setjmp is defined (Notice that it is "_setjmp" not "setjmp", 
the former does not save signals).




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