[Ecls-list] More changes

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll Juan.Ripoll at mpq.mpg.de
Fri Dec 21 22:52:02 UTC 2001

Jeff Bowden wrote:
> Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
> >Things should be fixed now. I have made fresh builds with checkout
> >source trees both under Linux and FreeBSD and things seem to work. It
> >would be nice if people having Windows could checkout the CVS sources
> >and try them out.
> >
> I just did a clean get and my build failed.  I configured --with-tcp
> --enable-cxx.   Here's the tail end of my make output

I do not have any cygwin boxes around, and thus it is impossible for me
to find in which header _setjmp is defined, if it is in any header at
all. I will work on this during next week.


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list should add a Reply-to: field with the list's address, but the
software is not configurable and we will have to wait until next release
of SourceForge for this]

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