[Ecls-list] Build fixes and features

Hannu Koivisto azure at iki.fi
Sat Dec 8 06:35:04 UTC 2001


The attached patch contains fixes to following problems and few
additions.  It is against the CVS as of this writing.

* libecl.a rule failed in case of --enable-local-gmp.

* install rule decided whether to copy Boehm GC headers based on

* Parallel builds were broken due to invalid use of old style
  suffix rules.  Fixed to use pattern rules.  This makes c/Makefile
  GNU make dependent.  I wonder if that is ok...

* Includes new config.guess, config.sub and configure.

* configure --help lied: --enable-local-gmp was actually
  --enable-gmp.  Fixed to really be --enable-local-gmp.

* Added --enable-local-boehm.  The BOEHM_HEADERS I added is
  probably useless; CFLAGS could probably be used instead.  Anyway,
  it works.  Oh, and /usr/include/gc is hardwired as the include
  path in case of --enable-local-boehm.  I think autoconf is evil
  so someone else may go ahead and write hairy checks that find the
  location of Boehm's headers in case of --enable-local-boehm and
  enables users to provide that location.

* Modified configure's messages to be less confusing (they still

* Installation of documentation failed if there was no $PREFIX/info

* Modified HTML doc generation to use texi2html instead of makeinfo
  for better looking results.

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