[Ecls-list] Current status of CVS

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Mon Aug 13 20:05:06 UTC 2001


for those who have tried accessing the CVS repository recently, my excuses. I 
have been working on several ways to port ECLS to ppc and Sparc, and I have 
made mistakes uploading the resulting code to SourceForge.

In any case, the current state of things is that ECLS, as of CVS (not as of 
the last release), builds in FreeBSD with both types of garbage collector. It 
fails to build with the original garbage collector in any other system I have 
tried, due to what looks like a memory leak.

Furthermore, Boehm's garbage collector fails to work as well in Sparc and PPC 
for even more strange reasons which have to do with "dlopen" and dynamically 
linked libraries.

It would be of help if somebody tried to build ECLS in other systems and come 
out with a brief report of the resulting errors. I also would like to install 
Linux somewhere to look for that "memory leak" which is absent in FreeBSD.

As for other architectures, I can only use those in SourceForge, and only for 
a brief time. I would like to port ECLS to a processor in the 68k family, but 
it seems there are no free emulators which can run some useful operating 
system with GCC, such as Linux or NetBSD. If I am wrong, please, please, 
please tell me.


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