[drakma-devel] Re: [patch] drakma, support for connection-timeout on SBCL

Stanislaw Halik sthalik at tehran.lain.pl
Sun Dec 23 04:34:02 UTC 2007

I've updated the patch to support the IO-TIMEOUT keyword argument. It's
not possible to non-intrusively support read- and write-timeouts
separately to bring the API in congruency with LispWorks.

The resolver error gets changed to SIMPLE-ERROR because it's not an
ERROR, but a CONDITION (signalled with ERROR, though).

I've stress-tested the patch, running 30 threads doing HTTP-REQUEST.

My rationale for including the patch - it doesn't change the program
logic much, and except for the function definition and socket connection
there's no special-casing for SBCL.

The timeout option is crucial for me: my typical usage is running
concurrent threads accessing URLs posted in spam to make the senders
think I'm a used accessing the page, in turn sending more spam,
addresses of which land in my spamtrap. Some of the URLs point to broken
httpds, leaving an open connection without sending any replies. This
leads to unfinished requests using threads and hanging for days.

If you feel like maintaing a piece of code for SBCL, by all means please
do so. I think other SBCL users might benefit from it.

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