[closure-devel] PATCH: HTTP and HTTPS support via the Drakma library

Eric Marsden eric.marsden at free.fr
Thu Dec 28 22:31:17 UTC 2006


The attached rough patch splices the Drakma library into Closure for
HTTP support. Drakma is a very nice web client library by Edi Weitz:


Unlike the current Closure code, the library supports HTTPS and
HTTP/1.1. I see this as an opportunity to replace some of the
undermaintained code in Closure by high quality external libraries;
this concerns

   src/net/http.lisp  (replaced by Drakma)
   src/net/url.lisp   (partially replaced by PURI)
   src/net/uri.lisp   (ditto)

I haven't yet started trying to remove stale code; this is just a
proof of concept. A likely candidate for similar replacement is the
GSTREAM code, which could likely advantageously be replaced by
Flexi-streams. Opinions on whether this is a good route to pursue are
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Eric Marsden

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