Pages not deploying?

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Sat Jan 15 18:21:16 UTC 2022

Hi Ray,

> Sorry for the delay.
No problem!

> I tried to look for the deployed pages, and no longer exists (404), and the new site doesn't exist either.

The issue here is that the site correctly renders when you use but not without the trailing
forward-slash. This is one of the reasons to want to implement the
pages daemon and run the domains on

> Gitlab CI thinks everything is working though.  I don't remember if this is the way it always was or not, but if you visit, the deploy stage has two steps: "pages" and "pages:deploy".  I can rerun "pages", but not "pages:deploy".

I think the step "pages:deploy" is a built-in step in GitLab CI which
you're not supposed to be able to re-run. However, it'll rerun when
the last job gets rerun (or so I believe).


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