Simplifying hosting services (aka "breaking up the monolith")

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Tue Jan 11 21:56:43 UTC 2022

Hi Marco,

> I have no objections about the new setup (although, the switch may confuse someone).

> But, call me an old curmudgeon, I will want to be able to deploy my static web pages and NOT use some non-lisp page generation tool (if I understood correctly what it would entail) (*).

Fortunately, you're misunderstanding how this works: you can still use
a lisp-based page generation tool to create the static content. When
you get to the point where you need help to get that going, please
drop the clo-devel@ mailing list a line and I'm sure we can help you

>  Hence I would respectfully ask to be able to produce the-old-curmudgeon.common-lisp.X with possibly old age and quaint, "handcrafted" HTML.

That too is totally fine. It will remain fully supported. The only
thing that changes is that the content of your git repository is taken
from git and automagically pushed into the hosted site. (which
basically saves you an rsync step from a local directory to a remote
directory and saves me from having to support multiple methods of
opening the server up for upload access.)

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Regards, Erik

> (*) Plus, a deployment via an invocation of should be a must (yes; I will eventually migrate it to

The domain you're referring to there isn't available on sourceforge,
at least: clicking it got me a 404-Not-Found.


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