Simplifying hosting services (aka "breaking up the monolith")

Marco Antoniotti marco.antoniotti at
Tue Jan 11 21:34:30 UTC 2022


I have no objections about the new setup (although, the switch may confuse

But, call me an old curmudgeon, I will want to be able to deploy my static
web pages and NOT use some non-lisp page generation tool (if I understood
correctly what it would entail) (*).  Hence I would respectfully ask to be
able to produce the-old-curmudgeon.common-lisp.X with possibly old age and
quaint, "handcrafted" HTML.

All the best


(*) Plus, a deployment via an invocation of should
be a must (yes; I will eventually migrate it to

On Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 9:56 PM Eric Timmons <etimmons at> wrote:

> Very on board with this. Gitlab pages continues to get improvements. So
> the more we can switch to a vanilla pages setup, the more features we
> get for free and the less documentation we have to write and maintain.
> Since Gitlab pages works for users as well, I'm personally excited to
> have set up at some point :).
> -Eric

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