Consolidating Repositories and Groups

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Thu Dec 30 20:05:31 UTC 2021

Hi Marco,

> It is that time of the year when there is some time to do some hacking.

> Looking at the CLNET repositories I manage, I noticed two things.

>  The first one is that there may be a GitLab limit on the number of repositories that one can have under her/his name.

That's correct, but the admins can help you raise the limit, if you
need, or create new groups (which don't have this limit).

>  The second is that I have several "legacy" repositories with their own "group" and some newer ones without.  (Plus there is the issue of separate repositories for documentation, but I can live with that).

Yes. That's how I set up GitLab when we set it up: in the "old days"
there were directories per project. Some directories had one
repository, some had multiple. The structure in GitLab that allowed
the same setup was to create a group per project and import the
repositories from the on-disk project directory. There's another
reason to set it up this way: all repositories need to be allocated to
either a user or a group. This actually maps nicely from GitHub as
well, I think, which has the option to create organizations (groups)
or user accounts; either can have repositories.

Since the original setup of our GitLab instance, GitLab has added the
concept of "nested groups": groups-in-a-group. I've never seriously
considered it for anything, but it's a functionality that we have
available if we want it.

> Please bear with me.  I am not a GitLab expert and I am not running the show.

No problem! Happy to be challenged or simply requested for an
explanation. If there's a better way, I'm all for it!

> I would like to know how we could go ahead and make it possible to "consolidate" "projects" and "repositories" in CLNET GitLab.

Could you explain a bit what you're looking to achieve? I'm not sure
what the result looks like when "projects and repositories" are

> The idea would be to have something similar to Github "organizations".

Sure. I *think* I set it up that way, using groups. Does the
explanation concerning my reasoning help your thoughts?

> Is this something that you think could benefit CLNET?



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