Consolidating Repositories and Groups

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Thu Dec 30 13:05:32 UTC 2021


It is that time of the year when there is some time to do some hacking.

Looking at the CLNET repositories I manage, I noticed two things.  The
first one is that there may be a GitLab limit on the number of repositories
that one can have under her/his name.  The second is that I have several
"legacy" repositories with their own "group" and some newer ones without.
 (Plus there is the issue of separate repositories for documentation, but I
can live with that).

Please bear with me.  I am not a GitLab expert and I am not running the

I would like to know how we could go ahead and make it possible to
"consolidate" "projects" and "repositories" in CLNET GitLab.

The idea would be to have something similar to Github "organizations".

Is this something that you think could benefit CLNET?

All the best

Happy New Year

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