Deploying gitlab pages site from a new project?

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Sun Nov 17 16:55:01 UTC 2019

Hi Raymond,

You're almost there! The only thing is that this doesn't work for just any
toplevel name, but it only works for <project>/<project>-site. So, I just
created the group maxima for you. I've also added you to it and transferred
the maxima-site repository to it.

I took the liberty to run the deployment pipeline again and now there's a
response on (although as you can
see, it needs some refinement).

Hope that helped!



On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 5:11 PM Raymond Toy <toy.raymond at> wrote:

> I previously deployed cmucl-site using gitlab pages.  This went pretty
> well using the instructions at
> However, now I want to deploy a newly created project,
> I set up the .gitlab-ci.yml site to deploy pages and everything seems to
> be working. I basically used the file that I used for cmucl-site.
> However, I can't figure out what url to use to find the generated site.  I
> thought it would be or maybe
>, but none of these work (404).
> I need some help here to figure out where all these things go....
> --
> Ray


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