What is the main website for Lisp?

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> I'm really thankful for your useful information. I never heard anything about "Hy". Excuse me, If my question was not clear. As you see in the article from "https://becominghuman.ai", "Common Lisp" is good for AI but why not "Clojure", "LFE" or "Hy"? It is my real question. Why "Common Lisp" preferred?

Ah, I misinterpreted the question.
Common Lisp is preferred because
* It’s direct descendants were used extensively in AI. The inventor of LISP coined the term AI, and used LISP as _the_ AI language. Then came the Lisp Machines that execute Lisp at a hardware level, which was also used as _the_ AI hardware. Common Lisp is a descendant of the Lisp language used in most Lisp Machines.
* It has multiple industry-level implementations. Implementations range from Allegro Common Lisp & LispWorks(commercial, industry-level, used for decades and has support for stripping binaries, etc...) to SBCL(state-of-the-art opensource compiler that competes with C) and CCL(compiler that focuses on compile speed and macOS interop).
* It’s a decades old, portable, and a stable language. You can encounter a library from 15 years ago and use it with confidence.
* There are a lot of libraries, due to it’s decades-old history and stableness. Clojure is also good in this regard though.

However, you can use other lisps like Clojure to do AI too. Nothing blocks you doing that.

> To be honest, is any job exist for Lisp nowadays?

I’m not sure about this as I only use CL as a hobby language, but AFAIK there are a few companies that use CL though. I have encountered ‘Awesome Lisp Company’ list a few times:

> I asked this questions because of "https://blog.hackerrank.com/the-inevitable-return-of-cobol/".
> Thanks.
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> 2019. 7. 24. 오전 1:29, Jason Long <hack3rcon at yahoo.com> 작성:
>> Hello,
>> I looked at "https://becominghuman.ai/5-best-programming-languages-to-choose-for-developing-innovative-ai-solutions-bac000e00df2" and I want to know which Lisp is for AI? https://lisp-lang.org? https://common-lisp.net?
>> Which one?
>> How about others like LFE?
> As it looks like you’re a newcomer, I would like to clarify some terminology.
> Once, (in the 1960s) there was one language called LISP.
> Nobody uses that now, and LISP developed into a family of languages.
> The most prominent ones currently are Common Lisp and Scheme, and there are some more newer ones like Clojure, LFE, and Hy.
> If you’re planning to do AI in Lisp, you’re looking into Common Lisp.
> Common Lisp was standardized by an ANSI committee (think about C) so there is no central force that controls the language. Hence there is no such canonical webpage (as there is no canonical C homepage).
> The ones that you’ve seen (common-lisp.net, lisp-lang.org) are community-developed sites.
> If you’re looking into resources to learn lisp, it’s better to look at the sites below:
> ‘Practical Common Lisp’ is *the* book to learn Common Lisp.
> http://www.gigamonkeys.com/book/
> Some chapters about tooling is outdated, look at the ‘Common Lisp Cookbook’:
> http://lispcookbook.github.io/cl-cookbook/
> If you’re looking for an editor, I would suggest looking Emacs, but if you’re lazy and you’re not going to learn esoteric keybindings, try Atom & SLIMA. There are also plugins for vim / SublimeText, but I have no previous experience with them.
> For libraries, the ‘Awesome CL’ list is great:
> https://awesome-cl.com/
> Hope this helps.
>> Thank you.
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