Does the "clo" project warrant its own project page (/project/clo/)?

Dave Cooper david.cooper at
Wed Oct 31 15:05:07 UTC 2018

I  say we should update it and try to keep it current. The “about”
page should be minimal and should point to that clo project page.

The clo project includes more than just cl-site - it also includes the
payment/donation app(s) which I’m supposed to be working on...  and might
include other things such as build/test services, escrow services...

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 17:44 Erik Huelsmann <ehuelsmann at>

> Hi,
> Right at this time the clo project has its own project page (
> which lists an old version of the
> front page of the domain server.
> Does the "clo" project warrant a page of its own? Or do we use the
> "main site" to explain both the purpose of the site,
> document the services we run on it and refer people to the resources
> available to contribute?
> In other words: do I remove(archive) /project/clo/ or does it serve a
> (renewed) purpose?
> Regards,
> Erik.
My Best,

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