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Fri Oct 12 17:45:39 UTC 2018

Hi all,

> I'm thinking to point the project page to the source repository (e.g.
>> > GitLab) when the project has sources, but doesn't have a project page.
>>> That is a really good idea.
>> Ok, I know which projects don't have their project page replaced. I can
>> publish that list here tomorrow.
> Of all the projects which don't have a front page (list at the end of this
> mail), these don't have a git repository in GitLab:

Earlier today, I mailed the members of the projects below. Due to that,
there's good and bad news. The bad news is that the site apparently had
various configuration preferences as to serving "index.html" vs
"index.shtml" and that the current setup preferred "index.shtml" while
apparently a number of projects depended on the earlier preference of
serving "index.html", causing these "index.html" files to be hidden for a
few years.

The good news is that we now corrected this setup issue and that it turns
out that many more projects now actually serve a project page. While there
are still a few projects which didn't set up a project page, their number
is now much lower!

Possibly this applies to the 69 projects which I was about to redirect to
GitLab too. I'm still investigating.


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