First projects deploying through GitLab

Erik Huelsmann ehuelsmann at
Sat Nov 3 14:12:20 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Based on earlier discussion, I've decided to support deployment through
GitLab while not (yet) removing the ability to deploy through other methods
and have proceeded to move some projects without OS-level members to deploy
from GitLab.

So far, I've started with (yes, I'm aware cl-dwim is nothing but a
 * cl-couch
 * submarine
 * cl-dwim
 * bdb

Reasons to start with these:
1. Their current sites are deployed using Darcs (now converted to Git) and
2. They are among the smallest public_html directories we host
3. They don't have any remaining OS-level users who can access and deploy
the project

As a result, the associated OS-level groups as well as the associated
/project/* directory hierarchy has been decommissioned as there was nothing
that remained to be stored.

With the conversion of these projects the proof of concept (that we can run
from /project/*/public_html as well as GitLab deployments mixed across
projects) has been realised.

The above means other projects can start deploying their*/ pages through GitLab as well. I'll send
a new mail how to set this up for your projects.


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