Cleanup of empty projects

Erik Huelsmann ehuelsmann at
Sat Nov 3 14:21:18 UTC 2018


Last week I cleaned up a number of still-born projects: projects which
hadn't changed their placeholder pages and didn't have any commits in
version control. Apparently, this missed the fact that some projects don't
have their placeholder page, nor any other form of project page(s) and also
don't have any commits in version control.

This week, I'm working on setting up deployment of project pages through
GitLab. That is to say, I'm looking at the projects which don't have any OS
users left to deploy them. These seem really good candidates to move
deployment to Gitlab for: that would enable deployment without the need to
re-introduce new OS-level users.

So, my immediate finding is that the following projects are actually
completely empty (not even left the original placeholder page in place --
which is what I looked at last week -- but even removed *that*):

* cl-blog
* cl-component

These projects don't have a repository, webpage or even OS-level group
members (meaning the members which are there in GitLab were last active
*before* the current instance was created...).


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