Context specific translations?

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Sorry, yes, wrong list!

Thanks for the pointers! Ik use them while mailing the right list.



On Mar 5, 2018 22:22, "Daniel Herring" <dherring at> wrote:

Hi Erik,

Did this get sent to the wrong list?

Anyway, I would recommend mimicking Qt's approach to translation.  If
possible, re-use their file formats.  Then you can use their toolchain for
maintaining translations.

- Daniel

On Mon, 5 Mar 2018, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

> In our translation catelog, we have the word "To". There are multiple uses
> for this word, which is marked for translation for all uses.
> One use is the case of a date range ("From ... To ...."). Another use is
> the case of an address ("To: <address on the next line(s)>".
> When translating these to Dutch, these use cases have very different
> translations (Date range: "Tot"; address: "Aan").
> It seems we need some context specific translations. However, our
> translation library (which isn't gettext), doesn't cater for them.
> Any ideas as to how to approach this problem?
> How will we know which domains we need to distinguish?
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> Bye,
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