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Sun Feb 18 18:20:34 UTC 2018

Sounds like a good plan. I suspect many of those are abandoned, but it
still makes sense to keep the web page around.

> Hi,
> There are 107 darcs repositories remaining on which
> have not been converted to Git yet.> 
> I'm looking at what to do with those. These 107 seem to fall into the
> following categories:> 
>  1. darcs-managed web pages (i.e.: /srv/project/*/public_html/_darcs)>  2. project-published repositories (i.e.: /srv/project/*/public_html/<repository-
>     name>/_darcs) which were not registered with darcsweb.> 
> The first category I'm thinking of converting to Git, importing in
> Gitlab as a 'public_html' project in the associated project group.
> Then, convert the project's public_html folder from Darcs repository
> to Git repository by replacing the _darcs directory with a .git
> directory.> 
> The second category I'm thinking of converting to git using the same
> procedure as the ones that just moved to GitLab (the published
> Darcsweb list).> 
> Comments?
> -- 
> Bye,
> Erik.
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