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Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Sun Feb 18 16:50:15 UTC 2018


There are 107 darcs repositories remaining on which have
not been converted to Git yet.

I'm looking at what to do with those. These 107 seem to fall into the
following categories:

 1. darcs-managed web pages (i.e.: /srv/project/*/public_html/_darcs)
 2. project-published repositories (i.e.:
/srv/project/*/public_html/<repository-name>/_darcs) which were not
registered with darcsweb.

The first category I'm thinking of converting to Git, importing in Gitlab
as a 'public_html' project in the associated project group. Then, convert
the project's public_html folder from Darcs repository to Git repository by
replacing the _darcs directory with a .git directory.

The second category I'm thinking of converting to git using the same
procedure as the ones that just moved to GitLab (the published Darcsweb



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