Request for comments: Design of and Logo

Max Rottenkolber max at
Thu Sep 24 13:43:18 UTC 2015

On Thu, 24 Sep 2015 08:56:44 -0400, Dave Cooper wrote:

>> > Second, I noticed that we (as in the CL community) don't seem to have
>> > a language logo. There are a handful of Lisp logos but none that
>> > exclusively say “Common Lisp”. I think could use one
>> > especially. I would be interested in “crowd sourcing” a logo for the
>> > CL community by ways of a public poll. The question is, what
>> > should/could be in a CL logo?
>> >
> The rights to the logo currently being used at (attached)
> were granted to the Common Lisp Foundation by Guy Steele. You may recognize
> this as coming from the cover of The Little Lisper.
> I realize this logo does not explicitly say "Common Lisp."
> How about morphing the upside-down lambda on the left into something like a
> "C" (and leaving the other lambda alone, since this is already a form of
> letter "L") ?

I had the same idea in fact, but I realized that my graphics skills are
not sufficient to produce an acceptable result. ;) I had the following
idea: Why not organize a public submission period and then hold a public
poll to find a canonical logo? I imagine it like this:

 1. Provide a trusted public submission portal (e.g. “mail your
    submission to logos at”).
 2. Announce submission deadline on all public CL forums (mailing lists,
    nntp, reddit, planet lisp, ...)
 3. Hold a public poll on the submitted logos (again announce on all
 4. Declare the most popular the new community logo

I would volunteer to organize the process, and I think is in a
position to provide the necesary “neutral ground”. I think there are some
benefits to this approach as we can outsource the graphical talent and
get a result that the community decided on. :)

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