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Mon Mar 16 20:00:30 UTC 2015

Progress of the GitLab installation and migration scripts has been very
good. With some last tests to go, we're confident we can complete
installation and migration on *Friday March 20th, 2015. The window 08:00h -
12:00h UTC* has been designated to perform installation and migration.

During that window *existing git repositories with public visibility* (i.e.
http or gitweb access -- git:// access not counted) will be migrated into
GitLab [0]. There's no impact on Subversion, CVS, mercurial, darcs or
bazaar repositories. Users with git repositories without http or gitweb
access, who want to use GitLab for their project are kindly requested to
contact the site admins.

After the migration, *migrated repositories will be removed from their
current physical path locations*. Repositories will *only* be accessible
through GitLab and stored in a location managed by GitLab. Users who want
to make backups should do so by keeping a local clone of their git

As part of the migration, *GitLab accounts will be created for all users*
of the system. Each user with a .forward file in their home
directory on the system will receive an account confirmation e-mail. This
confirmation request is valid for 48 hours. *All accounts must be confirmed
before use* - the system blocks accounts until confirmed. Your account can
be used immediately after confirmation, even during the migration window.
As part of the migration, SSH keys found in the user's home directory will
be imported into the user's GitLab account. You will receive an e-mail to
confirm this happened.

As part of the migration, *Gitlab groups will be created*, mirroring the "project" concept. Users currently part of a project by
virtue of being member of a unix group on will be assigned
GitLab group membership for the mirror group in the role of Owner.
Notification mails are sent out due to the migration process. Projects that
wish to use GitLab's more fine-grained permisssions[1] can do so after
migration completes.

As part of the migration, *existing git repositories will be imported into
GitLab* under the group or account which mirrors the
project or account. All repositories will have a *public* visibility. Each
repository on becomes a *project* in GitLab. This means
each repository gets an issue tracker and wiki set up. Any project that
wishes not to use those can turn those off in the Settings page for the
GitLab project after the migration. Due to the nature of the migration
process, *the Administrator account will be a member of all GitLab projects
and groups.* This can be corrected after the migration.

After the migration, gitweb access won't be available anymore. It will be
replaced by URL redirection to GitLab. git:// protocol support won't be
available anymore either.

While the migration is in progress, SSH access to the system will be
blocked to prevent repositories being updated while migrated.

Should you want to start a new project in GitLab, please ask the site
admins to create a group for it.

Please note that this is just one of the steps in the restructuring plan
for Further steps as indicated in [2] will be executed
later and will affect repositories for other version control systems as
well as other services.

In case of questions please follow up to clo-devel at the
announcements mailing list is closed for posting.

[0] Full list of affected repositories: (note: updated


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