[Clo-devel] Fwd: Access to group was granted

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 15:45:51 UTC 2015

>>>>> "Jean-Claude" == Jean-Claude Beaudoin <jean.claude.beaudoin at gmail.com> writes:

    Jean-Claude> Yesterday I received the email here below.  Does this
    Jean-Claude> mean that I now have an account on gitlab?

    Jean-Claude> And if yes, then how can I come to know its password?

This worked for me (sort of). On the sign in page, click the link
"Forgot your password?".  On the new page enter your c-l.net user
name. You'll get a new email with a password reset link.  Create a new
password.  You'll also have to verify it by responding to an email
that is sent.

That last bit (verification) wasn't working yesterday because the
verification email wasn't sent, but it was working before for an
earlier version test site.


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