[Clo-devel] Testing GitLab installation & migration nearing completion: steps to cut-over

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 21:17:34 UTC 2015

Hi all,

As some of you have noticed this weekend, we're still working on migrating
the common-lisp.net repositories to GitLab. While doing so, a few e-mails
have been sent out while they should have been held and deleted on the
testing system. My appologies if it caused confusion or inconvenience.

So far, we've run multiple successful installation-and-configuration runs.
We have also successfully completed seeding the system with users, groups
and group members.

There are a few things that need some more testing, which will be done over
the next week or so:
 * Importing of users' public SSH keys
 * Apache gitweb redirect rules to the relevant GitLab URLs
 * Repository migration script (the script that moves the repositories
under GitLab control)

While we're working on these last steps, it would be highly appreciated if
people would take a bit of time to review the repository mapping published
on https://common-lisp.net/gitlab-migration-repository-mapping/ . The page
lists all existing public git repositories, from both users and projects.
On the listing, you can see under which name the repository will be mapped
to the GitLab system.

We expect to complete testing in the next two weeks, so if you could
provide your feedback by Friday 13th, that would fit the timelines best.

Then a little about the actual cut-over. On the day of the cut-over (most
likely a Sunday morning, CET), the scripts that we have developed over the
past weeks will be run in close succession. This means we'll be installing
GitLab, creating users, creating groups, assigning users to groups
(creating members, in GitLab terminology) and importing git repositories in
the GitLab system. The entire process should not take more than a few hours.

The system sends out a number of mails during the seeding phase, some or
all of which you may receive:
 * Account confirmation
   - after account creation, the system requires verification before the
account can be used
 * Membership creation
   - after your account has been assigned membership in a project, you'll
be notified by mail about that
 * Import of SSH keys
   - after an SSH key has been associated with a user that user is notified
of that fact

It's possible that you won't get mail from account creation, if your
common-lisp.net account doesn't have a .forward file. In that case, now
would be a good time to create one, if you want to
use your GitLab account.

Another important thing to note is that repositories having been brought
under GitLab control, will no longer be available on their old locations.
For gitweb, there will be redirect rules instated, as will there be for
direct repository access over https.

If you have questions, please follow up to this mail on
clo-devel at common-lisp.net. The announcements channel is closed for posting.



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