[Clo-devel] Follow up to "proposed direction for common-lisp.net in 2015" -- the steps

Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Mon Feb 16 22:41:00 UTC 2015

Hi Chun Tian,

Thanks for the feedback. My $0.02:

I think common-lisp.net should indeed support project websites with their
repositories hosted on github/bitbucket/sourceforge, but if volunteer
administrators (currently led by Erik H) are willing to support repository
hosting directly on common-lisp.net then why would we not want that as well?

Already there are hundreds of projects hosted at common-lisp.net and it
will be less disruptive for them to get consolidated under gitlab than
force all of them to relocate to another site entirely.

A bit further down the road, I have hopes that common-lisp.net will be able
to offer CL-specific services, for example:

 o private-repository hosting (paid)

 o source escrow services (paid)

 o online automated build verifications with multiple CL implementations
(including defined Quicklisp snapshots), connected with the two items above

 o online automated regression testing (connected with above)

 o support for CL-based web application deployment and hosting (paid for
proprietary, free for open-source). Eventually all of common-lisp.net
itself should be set up as a CL-based web application.

I would contend that such services can only be delivered effectively from a
CL-focused perspective, not by melding into and depending everything on
whatever generic, commodity "cloud" services are currently popular.

With a combination of recurring donations plus paid services like these, my
hope is that common-lisp.net can continue to be a viable and
self-sustaining service as well as focal point for CL-related resources.

I'll go on record and say that Genworks would be at least one paying
customer for services such as what I've listed above.

Best Regards,


On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 3:07 PM, Chun Tian (binghe) <binghe.lisp at gmail.com>

> Hey guys,
> I know I “disappeared" for a long time and I’m not an important one, but I
> have one suggestion here. If I’m wrong or you don’t like it, please don’t
> blame me:
> We should move all responsibilities to Github (or sourceForge if SVN or
> CVS is still required by some projects), and then ONLY use common-lisp.net
> for project web site hosting (project web pages, and file downloads for
> users who don’t use quicklisp) , because the hostname (common-lisp.net)
> is still the best choice for Common Lisp related projects.
> Regards,
> Chun Tian (binghe)
> Il giorno 13/feb/2015, alle ore 17:23, Raymond Toy <toy.raymond at gmail.com>
> ha scritto:
> >>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Huelsmann <ehuels at gmail.com> writes:
> >
> >    Erik> Hi everybody,
> >
> > Hmm. Is this some kind of Friday the 13th joke? :-)
> >
> > These plans seem awfully ambitious, but I look forward to them.
> >
> >    Erik> 0. Install a Code Commenting plugin on Trac to make it match
> >    Erik>    the GitLab code commenting capabilities
> >
> > Is this step necessary?  We haven't had one thus far, and it seems
> > that gitlab is the way to go, so adding functionality to Trac is just
> > more work.
> >
> > Depending on the difficulty, I think I would rather just migrate all
> > of my Trac stuff to gitlab instead of trying to make Trac work with
> > gitlab in some fashion.  (Unless gitlab and Trac already have some
> > kind of integration.)
> >
> > In any case, I'm excited about these changes.
> >
> > --
> > Ray
> >
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