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Mon Apr 6 22:05:12 UTC 2015

Hi Anton,

On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 11:51 PM, Anton Vodonosov <avodonosov at>

> Hi Erik, thank you very much for this work.

You're welcome and thank you for checking.

> I noticed small difference in capitalization of mailing list name:
> Compare:
> Your new mailman-test archive does better job whey it says
> "More information about the cl-plus-ssl-devel mailing list", while current
> version says
> "More information about the Cl-plus-ssl-devel mailing list" - capitalized
> list name.

Right. After the new system was set up, somehow all mailing lists had the
first letter in their name capitalized. I changed that 2015Q1, because in
my recollection they had always been lower case. I guess the difference
you're seeing is a remnant of the old setup. I could probably run a sed
script over the archives to correct this, but basically, those e-mails were
really sent that way. Ugly as it is, I'd prefer to keep it this way to
preserve history.

Interesting, that both versions use capitalized list name
> in another phrase: "Previous message: [Cl-plus-ssl-devel]..."
> If we check some elder messages, for example
> the list name is lower case everywhere.
> I don't see other problems (although I don't have
> good ideas how to verify the archive).

I've been doing random sampling to see if mailing list archive directories
were actually filled. (Turned out there  were directories skipped in
earlier trial runs...) And I've been checking the mailing lists for which I
know that there was list volume before April 2013, between 2013 and 2014Q3
and after 2014Q3 to see if each of these periods have mails in the
resulting archive.

My hope is that others have similar memory they can verify. With that, I
think together we did the best verification we can do.


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