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Mon Apr 6 15:11:16 UTC 2015

Hi Liam,

On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 5:05 PM, Liam Healy <lhealy at> wrote:

> Latest messages in gsll-devel are missing. There were a few more messages
> in the thread "Recurring callbacks" after the two shown.
Thanks for verifying. Unfortunately, it seems that the messages haven't
been added to the archives: doesn't
show them either, which is what I was copying from. I'll look into that.
Could you provide me with the messages so I can stitch them into the new
archive with the rest of them? (e.g. by downloading the message "source"
using a pop3 downloader or something alike? -- Using the text which is
shown by GMail under the "show original" works well too, if these are only
a few messages. I prefer to receive them in a zip or tar archive
attachment, if possible.)




> Liam
> On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 4:16 AM, Erik Huelsmann <ehuels at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Last night I have finished my scripts which stitch the mailing list
>> history from the old system's mailman, the mlmmj and the
>> new mailman archives.
>> The result is hosted here:
>> I'd greatly appreciate review of the result in order to be able to fix
>> any issues before we do the final conversion run. Comments can be posted
>> here.
>> If you find spam when going through the archives, please let me know,
>> because since we're re-generating the mailing list archives, now is a good
>> time to remove it.
>> Regards,
>> --
>> Bye,
>> Erik.
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Erik. -- Hosted accounting and ERP.
Robust and Flexible. No vendor lock-in.
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