[Clo-devel] Problems with cl-net hosted CVS repos?

Christian Lynbech christian at defun.dk
Mon Oct 13 19:30:45 UTC 2014

I hope I am adressing the right common-lisp.net list, but has something
bad happened to the CVS repositories hosted on common-lisp.net?

I am tracking a number of cl-net projects and when I tried to update
just now, it behaved quite funny.

One such example of a project I am tracking is 'beirc', but I saw it in
several other projects, which is why I have started to suspect a generic
problem rather than something bad in a particular project.

For beirc I have recorded the following repository URL:

        :pserver:anonymous:anonymous at common-lisp.net:/project/beirc/cvsroot

If I check the homepage at


the link to browse the repo gives a "Not Found" nor does the link to how
to download it work.

What happens when I try to do an update or a checkout, I get output like

    U 00external00/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/CVSROOT/notify
    U 00external00/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/cvsroot/CVSROOT/rcsinfo

and indeed the files are duplicated:

    christians-imac:~/Local/UPSTREAM$ find beirc/ -name variables.lisp

This on a Mac (OSX 10.9.5) with the buildin cvs which claims to be the

    christians-imac:~/Local/UPSTREAM/beirc$ cvs --version

    Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.12.13 (client/server)

    Copyright (C) 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This has worked not so long ago, I think.

Christian Lynbech       | christian #\@ defun #\. dk
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