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Raymond Toy toy.raymond at
Fri Sep 6 02:56:35 UTC 2013

On 9/3/13 9:41 AM, Drew C wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 2:56 PM, Raymond Toy <toy.raymond at
> <mailto:toy.raymond at>> wrote:
>     I just noticed that I don't get the monthly mailing list reminders
>     about
>     subscriptions and passwords that I used to get.
> There are no passwords for web interface for the current mlmmj, so the
> reminders are not sent out because there is not a password for a web
> interface.

That would explain it.  But then how do you manage things like messages
that require approval?  I guess by having the admin reply to the
message?  And then how do admins do admin things like adding other admins?
>     Are they supposed to be working or have they been disabled?
> They are 'working' fine, but there is not one for passwords for there
> is not a password per se. Would you prefer a reminder about what lists
> you are subscribed to regardless? That can be done and it simply a
> cron job.

Not a big deal.  But is kind of a nice way to notice if things aren't
working, especially for lists that get little or no traffic.
>     And where are the mailing list archives again?  All of the old
>     links are 
>     broken.
> Can you tell me which links are broken?  All the old archives are
> still there : 
> So, it is simply a matter of `ln -s`ing the right directory/file to
> the spot where it has been for a while.
I don't remember what I was looking at but I got 404's.  But now I know
the correct link, so no problems.

> As for the 'newer' web archives, it has not been completed yet. There
> are only 4 or 5 active mailing lists, yet someone wanted them all
> re-enabled regardless of use at all, so I spent my time doing that
> rather then setting up the web archives. Since then there has not been
> a request as far as I can tell, so this may be the proper time to do it.
> I think the best is "mlmmj-webarchive" from
> "". If you think so as well
> (view an existing one at ""), that could
> simply be added today, and the 4-5 active lists will get a new archive
> soon.

That's ok with me.  I'm less concerned about how it looks than in having
the actual archive.

And in terms of archives, I see that the pipermail archive only has
archives of cmucl-imp, cmucl-help, cmucl-cvs, and cmucl-ticket up
through Mar or so.  While some may think cmucl is dead, there has been
some traffic on those lists after Mar.  I have my own copies of messages
on the lists, but it would be nice to have a more public archive.
> Answer any one of those and what needs to be done to deal with it will
> be. Sorry about the delay.

Can't complain about the delay if I didn't complain what I thought was
not working until now. :-)


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