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Hi Nikodemus, all,

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> On 10 April 2013 11:04, Erik Huelsmann <ehuels at> wrote:
> > We use ssi as well. Please provide it. Starting php for every page view
> just
> > to include the common page elements is overkill.
> I think the default page template also used them... so many projects
> have inherited those usages.
There's a problem here: a guy from irc (he's called asedeno) repaired
nearly all services (suppored by fare) on the box apart from mail and
mailing lists (at least, that's my understanding). Drew set up NGINX, but
after some criticism of his approach of the migration/uprade he was doing,
he left a few days ago and hasn't been seen around since

The problem this poses is that there's now a vacuum: there's nobody to call
shots on which technology is being used and/or replaced (nobody wants to
remove things Drew set up, since he sank so much time in it, nor does
anybody know of his plans other than vagueries).

While some projects are returning to the box again, I'm personally very
hesitant: there was no community process involved when Drew decided to
replace the mailing list software and the mailer on the box as well as the
web server technology. Who decides what's broken because they don't like
the technology next time?

I'm thinking hard how to solve this, but I don't really see any obvious
ways out. Do you?

Just so that there are roses as well: like to new frontpage -- even
> though given it's placeholder nature! Come to think of it, Abhishek
> Reddy's Features of Common Lisp might fit on the new page pretty
> nicely (

 True, but if the issue is the front page, then why not address that,
instead of changing the mailer and the MTA?


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