[clo-devel] Fwd: Moving cl-net to a new machine

Drew Crampsie drewc at tech.coop
Thu Aug 30 18:09:58 UTC 2012


So, I have a new machine which I have set up for KVM VPS's. I am planning
to move all my hosting over, including cliki.net and common-lisp.net . Hans
has told me that this is the 'proper' mailing list , so I Fwded the email
from admin@ to clo-devel at .

Since it is a KVM VPS rather then Xen, simply copying over the fs will not
quite do, and besides, this is a chance to do things right the first time,
again, etc.

So, questions:

Is this the right mailing list and should I ask on more?
Who wants to help?
What needs done?
Any ideas that will help?

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