[clo-devel] Abandoned projects

dherring at tentpost.com dherring at tentpost.com
Thu May 12 16:34:24 UTC 2011

Hans Hübner wrote:
> what do we want to do with abandoned projects?  By abandoned, I mean
> projects where the owner has become unreachable at the email address
> that he has provided or configured in their .forward file?
> Several users of common-lisp.net are no longer reachable by email, and
> mailman bounces moderation reminder emails back to us, which does not
> make a whole lot of sense.
> I tend to think that deleting (archiving) such project mailing lists
> would be best.  If anyone is interested, they can always get in touch
> with us.

How about advertising projects in need of a maintainer.  People may not
realize they are unreachable, people may not know something is
unmaintained, ...

IMO, shutting down the mailing lists should be a final step before
mothballing a project and relegating it to a single archive tarball.  It
would seem reasonable to change the config for unmaintained lists to
auto-reject moderation requests, with a message mentioning the project is
currently unmaintained and a pointer on how to change that.

- Daniel

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