[clo-devel] Migration status [2011-05-06]

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Sat May 7 08:41:07 UTC 2011

These things happened last week:

 * ssh connections to cl-net were routed to new-cl-net
 * we were asked to install several applications on new-cl-net (emacs, zsh)
 * we started to create subdomains for services (first: git.cl.net)
 * after being reported that people were missing group memberships,
we've now migrated all project related groups with a gid < 1000;
because those numbers are reserved for system groups, they were
excluded from the account/group migration. In order to prevent similar
issues in the future, all these groups have been renumbered. There's
currently a batch running to re-assign all group ownerships in the
file systems

 * we stopped routing traffic to new-cl-net because commit mails were
no longer coming through [the mailer wasn't fully set up yet on

Next steps:

 * set up the mailer
 * re-instate the ssh traffic route to new-cl-net
 * set up the webserver in order to be able to migrate trac.c-l.net

Anybody who wants to use new-cl-net services directly should log into
tiger.common-lisp.net; passwords and ssh keys are the same as on
common-lisp.net (aka elephant.common-lisp.net).



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