[clo-devel] upgrading: how do you (want to) use cl.net? [detected: very large home directories]

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 21:05:35 UTC 2011

As part of the upgrading process, I'm looking at the disk sizes,
memory, etc to set up for new-cl.net.

One of the things I found is that 30 or 40 user accounts together
occupy the nearly the full size allocated to /home (14gb out of 15gb
allocated). Which raises the question: what do people do with their
/home dirs and is /home really the best way to do that (or the best
place to store it)?

At the same time, I'm wondering if you have possibly valid use-cases
for common-lisp.net which you might have tried in the past, but did
not succeed at, because cl.net wasn't sufficiently set up. As I'm now
determining dimensions, it'd be a good time to take requests into



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