[clo-devel] common-lisp.net domain registration expiring soon

dherring at tentpost.com dherring at tentpost.com
Fri Jun 24 19:03:52 UTC 2011

Daniel Pezely wrote:
> Please confirm or suggest how to do the donation/payment, and tell me the
> amount.  (For domain only services with the same registrar, I believe it's
> US$70 for one year US$135 for five and US$235 for nine, which is the
> maximum duration that they'll allow.)
> Is the plan to remain with the existing registrar?

$70/year is absurd.  $135 for five is a tad steep but acceptable.

> An examples, Wikipedia and Lisp.org have expirations of 2015 and 2016,
> respectively.

Franz has agreed to handle the ALU's domains (alu.org and lisp.org).

> Also, there have been issues in past of this particular domain expiring
> and someone (Xach, perhaps?) doing an emergency payment to keep it going.
> Let's just take care of it.

By my memory, that was cliki.net.  The ALU had offered to pay for and/or
handle administration; but we never got the transfer.  Somebody
(fortunately friendly) eventually grabbed the domain and transferred it
IIRC to drewc.

Daniel's individual opinion:  Given the expiration is June 26, somebody (a
cl.net admin?) please renew common-lisp.net at your registrar of choice. 
If nobody offers to donate, please submit a request to
alu-board-only at alu.org.  I think the board would approve reimbursing the
five-year rate.  The nine-year rate is silly; it doesn't provide
significant savings.  Just don't wait for ALU feedback before renewing;
the next board meeting is a ways off.

- Daniel

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