[clo-devel] [cmucl-imp] URL wrong on CMU CL home page

Chun Tian (binghe) binghe.lisp at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 15:55:55 UTC 2011

Hi, Raymond

I see following links are used in CMU CL home page HTML:

   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../FAQ.html">FAQ</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../benchmarks/index.html">Benchmarks</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../credits.html">Credits</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../doc/index.html">Documentation</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../download.html">Download</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../hemlock/index.html">Hemlock</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../index.html">Home</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../install.html">Install</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../news/index.html">News</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../platforms.html">Platforms</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../ports.html">Ports</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../projects.html">Projects</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../search.html">Search</a></td></tr>
   <tr align="center"><td><a href="../support.html">Support</a></td></tr>

There're others in HTML head part.

To make all three CMU CL sites work correctly, just need to remove the "../" part from all these HREF strings.

Do you know how to change this?


在 2011-6-20,22:51, Raymond Toy 写道:

>>>>>> "binghe" == Chun Tian <(binghe)" <binghe.lisp at gmail.com>> writes:
>    binghe> What's the relationship between CMUCL home page and
>    binghe> common-lisp.net?  I'm one assistant system administrator
>    binghe> of cl.net now, please describe your need.
> Ok, it's a bit complicated and dates back maybe 10 years.  CMUCL used
> to be hosted at www.cons.org.  But a crash and prolonged downtime
> prompted a move to common-lisp.net.  But the web presence is still at
> www.cons.org.  
> The web pages are in cvs and when they are updated, an emacs script is
> run (by hand) to process the pages.  These are stored in a public
> directory, and www.cons.org periodically (daily) goes out and grabs
> these files to populate the website.  www.cmucl.org does to, but much
> more frequently.  I also left a copy on common-lisp.net.  Thus, there
> were three different sites that had the same content, and they all
> worked.  I know because I tested them all when www.cmucl.org came
> online a few years ago.
> Now, after the upgrade to cl.net, this stopped working.  I can't
> definitely say this was caused by the upgrade, but I know when I made
> the last snapshot and updated the pages, they worked.  With the most
> recent snapshot, this stopped working.  I don't know why, and I
> haven't had a chance to look at the emacs script to understand what
> it's doing.  But the script hasn't changed.  Maybe the physical path
> to the web pages has changed so that the script is doing the wrong
> thing?
> BTW, I did mention this on #tech.coop.  Eric H mentioned that the web
> server has changed a little in the update which would explain why the
> cl.net copy of the pages no longer work, but this doesn't explain why
> www.cons.org no longer does.  (Unless it also coincidentally changed
> at the same time without any one telling me.)
> Thanks for listening,
> Ray

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