[clo-devel] RFC: Change in /usr/local/bin/svn-post-commit requested

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 21:38:57 UTC 2008


For all projects I have started on common-lisp.net, I have always set
up an auto-website-updater to sync the repository with the website in
<project>/public_html. Having just set up the py-configparser project,
I decided to take the default post-commit as a basis and extend it.

So, I'd like to request the default post-commit to be changed to what
is currently in /project/py-configparser/svn/hooks/post-commit.

What's changed? The lines starting with PROJECT=...

The script assumes the standard c-l.net setup where repositories
reside in the svn/ directory within the project root, next to the
public_html/ web-root. All it does is find out if the webroot is
versioned (it's not if svnversion prints "exported") and when it is,
it runs "svn update" on it. This means that projects will by default
have unversioned webroots, but as soon as they make them versioned
(checked out from the project repository), it'll be updated

Thanks for your time and attention!



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