[clo-devel] NNTP gateway for local.cl-pdf.devel

Mario Mommer mommer at igpm.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Jan 8 09:08:05 UTC 2004

Erik Enge <eenge at prium.net> writes:
> I could do it if the owner said "I indend to keep this list
> exclusively to members" but I'm afraid people will change their
> minds and I'll be stuck spending five minutes a day changing whether
> a group is moderated or not.  If this could be automated I would do
> it right away.
> Any thoughts?  Perhaps we could make a shell script that toggled
> moderation and have list-owners use it?

One thing is moderation, another is to have non-members be able to
post. I think the latter should be allowed by default, because it is
what most people expect anyway. If some list owner wants to change
this, well, mailman has a nice web-based interface they can and should
use. You shouldn't be spending time on such things.

However, I see another small problem:

Eric Marsden <emarsden at laas.fr> writes:
> It seems that posting via NNTP to the cl-pdf development list doesn't
> work: I posted two messages on 2nd Jan that don't seem to be present
> in the web mailing list archives. They are present via NNTP however.

I bet that's a bug...(?)


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