[clo-devel] NNTP gateway for local.cl-pdf.devel

Erik Enge eenge at prium.net
Wed Jan 7 21:31:04 UTC 2004

Eric Marsden <emarsden at laas.fr> writes:

> It seems that posting via NNTP to the cl-pdf development list doesn't
> work: I posted two messages on 2nd Jan that don't seem to be present
> in the web mailing list archives. They are present via NNTP however.

Looking into this, I see that your postings were automatically rejected
as non-members are not allowed to post to the list.

> If mailing lists don't allow posting via the NNTP gateway, would it be
> possible to make their groups read-only?

That would be very nice.  I see gmane do it, so there's probably a way,
and I could do it if the owner said "I indend to keep this list
exclusively to members" but I'm afraid people will change their minds
and I'll be stuck spending five minutes a day changing whether a group
is moderated or not.  If this could be automated I would do it right

Any thoughts?  Perhaps we could make a shell script that toggled
moderation and have list-owners use it?


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