[Clo-devel] Re: Ask for a free Lisp Develop Environment under windows

Johannes Groedem johs+n at ifi.uio.no
Fri Aug 29 15:46:16 UTC 2003

* "Tao" <tjia at iipc.zju.edu.cn>:

> [...] In our lab the students seldom use such language,and I just
> found some free environments for Linux via net search,but we all use
> MS windows here.....

CLISP is free and also runs on Windows.  It's not compiled, though,
but it might still be fast enough for you.  Check it out.  You can
find it at:


There is a source distribution as well as binaries for Windows, among

Regarding development environment:  I would use ilisp with Emacs,
which works fine under Windows.  Get Emacs for Windows and get ilisp
from http://ilisp.sourceforge.net/.  Now go to the Common
Lisp-cookbook site for instructions on how to set it up.


If you're not happy with Emacs, for some reason, you could use one
of the commercial Lisps (there are trial versions of Allegro CL,
Lispworks and Corman CL), which have development environments which
you may find easier to get started with.  Note that there are some
limitations, though, so they might not be suitable for you.


Johannes Groedem <OpenPGP: 5055654C>

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