[Clo-devel] Ask for a free Lisp Develop Environment under windows

Tao tjia at iipc.zju.edu.cn
Fri Aug 29 07:59:10 UTC 2003

Dir friends,

	I am a novice in AI area,and now I'm learning Machine Learning
by myself.When reference some book,I have got some lisp code to 
carry out so as to check the algrithm,but I don't know where I could
get such develop soft. In our lab the students seldom use such
language,and I just found some free environments for Linux via
net search,but we all use MS windows here.....

	So,when I see this site in google directories,I think maybe it
could help,but I didn't see any information useful on it except
this mail list.

	So....Who will be so kind to give me some hint,"A free common
lisp develop environment for MS windows".You just need to tell me
the name or link.

	And I am a student in P.R.China, here we just know lisp
and prolog from AI textbook,and I never heard anyone develop
things with it now. Who can tell me what I can use if I want
to develop a little Expert System? And what is the current
most-used AI language and develop environment?
	Thanks for you all who see this mail whatever if you could
help.  ^L^

Best Regards!              	
				Tao in 2003-08-29 15:36:24

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