[Clo-devel] ftp, public_html, naming and site design.

Mario Mommer mommer at igpm.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Aug 27 07:46:38 UTC 2003

Marco Baringer <mb at bese.it> writes:
> 3) i don't want to offend anyone's tastes but i find the
>    common-lisp.net site a little plain. i tried to come up with
>    something a bit more colorful:
>    http://www.bese.it/~segv/common-lisp.net/index2.html
>    http://www.bese.it/~segv/common-lisp.net/index3.html
>    i don't like those two designs either, but hey, i gave it my
>    best. if you like 'em, use 'em; if you hate 'em, ignore 'em; if
>    this is really arrogant and presumptuos of me ... sorry.

It's ok. I don't like your designs either :-)

Design is always a matter of taste, so it is impossible to satisfy
everyone. The current design is not meant to last 'till the end of
times, btw.

> 4) i've been following the project naming discussion on irc and
>    admin at common-lisp.net, if i may: how many different rfc2833
>    implementations for common lisp are there? I think that as long as
>    the names are discriptive (says he who calls his projects fiveam
>    and arnesi) whatever people want should be fine. the existence of a
>    project called rfc???? will at least push people to add
>    features/improvements to that as opposed to using re-implementing
>    it.

I slept over it, and decided that I don't think it is a problem to
name things after the rfc, but maybe the authors want to reconsider,
as few people start looking for things based on the rfc
number. Probably cl-mime, or mime.lisp, or whatever, is a bit more

...but I don't see any proplem with rfc???? names.

(and btw, what does 'arnesi' mean?)


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