[Clo-devel] learning

Erik Enge erik at nittin.net
Tue Aug 19 18:21:28 UTC 2003

Mario Mommer <mommer at igpm.rwth-aachen.de> writes:

> What do you guys think?

Looks good.

  cafe -> café

  The first one is a real introductory text, well suited for newbies and
  experienced programmers which also includes an excellent reference
  section. -> "and includes an excellent"

  learn Common Lisp by trying it out on really hard problems, and seeing
  how it enables you -> "[no comma] and see how"

  ...oh, and don't miss the online tutorials page at CLiki. -> "The
  online tutorials page at Cliki is very helpful."  [Something less
  "incidental" :-)]

  there is the Common Lisp Hyperspec (a.k.a CLHS), -> "(also known as
  CLHS or simply 'Hyperspec')"

  But trust me on this: these are probably the most powerful editors
  ever to be written, even if they might look slightly trashy to you ->
  [leave out the trust me] (you should also mention vi just for good
  measure; having newbies thinking the must learn Emacs to do CL
  programming is a tough one to swallow)


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