[Clo-devel] predicting the need for more tables on the webpage

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Sat Aug 16 15:14:40 UTC 2003

[butting in slightly]

Erik Enge <erik at nittin.net> writes:

> I think we need two more tables (boxes is probably a better word) in the
> very near future: one for news items ("just set up anoncvs; server
> upgrade at 12:00", etc.) and one for articles ("how to use albert with
> your .asd file; unit test framework study", etc.).
> What do you think about it?  Would they fit with our current layout?  I
> think these need to be on the front page, but not necessarily on any
> other page.

how about moving the "in this page" box under the Home|Mailing
Lists|FAQ|Hosting bar? then put a news box on the left (merge news,
recent projects, new articles, etc.) this would free up a good bit of
space for the content of the page and avoid starting down the 18
tables route.

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