[cl-xmpp-devel] Stream question

Mikhail Shevchuk mikhail.shevchuk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 20:17:05 UTC 2007

Thank you for fast reply, David.

2007/4/22, David Lichteblau <david at lichteblau.com>:
> from what you are writing, I am not sure whether you are having issues
> with your own code on Allegro or with cl-xmpp.
I don't use cl-xmpp because it doesn't work with local ejabberd. When
I try to perform the auth command, I get the feature-not-implemented
error. So, I am trying to use raw sockets to send XML.

;; Connecting to remote server
(defvar *conn* (socket:make-socket :remote-host "jabber.tom.ru"
				   :remote-port 5222))

Then, after authentication and sending a 'presence' command, there is
an infinite loop, reading the socket:

(loop for char = (read-char *conn*)
	    while char do (progn
			    (format t "~:c" char)
			    (force-output t)))

Which behavior seems odd to me (as described earlier).

A vivid and creative mind characterizes you.

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