[cl-xmpp-devel] Stream question

Mikhail Shevchuk mikhail.shevchuk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 18:58:39 UTC 2007

Hello, folks.

I was playing with Allegro's :sock package trying to write a Jabber
bot, but I've faced to the following problem: when I receive a message
the first time, I get only '<' sign and no further XML. But after
receiving the second piece of data I get the full piece of XML of the
previous message and the '<' again. I suppose it is because of
buffering or something, because when I hit C-c C-c (in SLIME) I get
all data printed in the REPL. I am reading socket with the following

(loop for char = (read-char *conn*)
	    while char do (progn
			    (format t "~:c" char)
			    (force-output t)))

And one more socket-related question. What is the most robust socket
package for CL? I've tried to use usocket with sbcl, but couldn't find
any documentation on how to use it, even the synopsis.

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