[cl-store-devel] ABCL tests

Sean Ross rosssd at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 17:30:21 UTC 2007

Hi there, sorry for the late reply.

> I'm trying to get cl-store to run on ABCL, and it required the
> following patches.

Thanks for the patches, unfortunately ABCL support isn't quite up
there with the other implementations. This manifests itself as a lack
of support for storing instances of CLOS objects and conditions so
while the tests fail it's more due to lack of support rather than bugs
in CL-STORE (i'll take a look at the failures of the other tests).

> so although most of cl-store has been careful about this, were there
> any more slips?
> Perhaps the test should be even more general? #'equal?

Both of these hash-tables are used to track objects that have already
been restored (or stored as the case may be) and integers (and IIRC
characters) are not checked for this. Using #'eql for these two tests
shouldn't hurt but I feel that using #'eq it makes it clear that it is
testing for the `same` object.

> At the moment, there were quite a few failed tests, and I cannot even
> finish large.1

I'm not too sure what causes this but I'm assuming that it's some form
of unhappiness between ABCL and CL-STORE.

On a side note it is probably possible to get instance and condition
storing working since (at a quick glance) ABCL does have
which appear to be the MOP function necessary to serialize CLOS
instances. I'm assuming that they are a work in progress but it
doesn't mean they couldn't, in theory, be used.

Patches welcome.....


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